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Unlock the potential of coding robots in the class.

The only adaptive learning platform able to demonstrate real progress in designing, building and coding robots.

Put ROBOTIX C360 to work. 


A structured and adaptive curriculum

ROBOTIX C360 covers different levels, starting from Year 3 all the way to Year 11, with personalized learning paths and more than 400 activities per year.

Adaptive and progressive learning.

ROBOTIX C360 uses a rubric framework to personalize learning, adapting to the speed of each student with a progressive pathway, and assessing different priorities and abilities when making their projects.


Teacher training certification with continued support

Training teachers at the beginning is crucial, but it won't end there. We are here to assist you continuously and give you the peacefulness you need for a successful class.


Your robots are up to date

Run your classes seamlessly, with up to date robots and no extra upfront investment. Our advanced warranty services protect your school in any circumstances.

ROBOTIX C360 in numbers

20.000 +

Connected students every week.


Standard-aligned curriculum.

400 +

Activities per year and many more.

ROBOTIX C360 works


Improve digital competences drastically.


Enhance engagement & motiviation.


Save time by automating assessment.

The Education Ecosystem that’s fully integrated into your school:

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ROBOTIX C360 works seamlessly in all platforms:


Not sure where to start?

Book a demo today!

Let us show you how ROBOTIX C360 can make the most comprehensive robotics & coding resource in your class or school.

Our mission

Our community

"When it comes to lesson planning, I’ve got it totally covered!"

“Now I can dedicate time to facilitate the learning of my students how I always wanted”.

Matheu Whol
Teacher Primary School

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